Hi friends!

I continue with my series of Botanical Illustration, where I am painting my favorite flowers.

The last Spring I had the opportunity of watching again the blossom of my beautiful Camellia.

I have it since my son was born, so that is seven years and it is still giving me amazing flowers. As my reference I have used this picture I took

In my palette I don´t have an intense red as the one in the flower, so I have used  Red Light from the watercolour set of Sonnet Studio

The rest of materials used:

Paper: Canson hot pressed Moulin du Roy 300g/m2
Brushes: Escoda 0.2 y Winsor & Newton 3 y 5, round

In this drawing, I have tried something new, to test the result. I have traced the illustration with watercolour instead of pencil. I have used a light table and my thinest brush.

To be honest, I prefer the result you get when you use the pencil in the first place, but anyway, the final result has been ok.

After this, I have washed my first layer. I normally use wet on wet for this step.

Basically I wet all the surface with a brush and add the first wash with a very diluted colour.

From there, I start working on each petal, keeping my reference next to me, to check where the shadows and the lights are. I apply light washes and in the dark shadows I paint with the pure color.



After this, I scan the illustration and use Photoshop to adjust a bit the colours and levels.

This is the final result

The original illustration and prints will be available in September in my online shop. 🙂

Thanks for reading this. Your comments are more than welcome!



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