New exhibition in Carcabuey!

Hi friends! Last July 27th my exhibition “Empowering Women & Nature” was shown for the first time in Carcabuey (Córdoba), and it will be on until next August 13th. Carcabuey is a really beautiful village that makes a difference. It is located among high mountains full of olive trees, designed with white houses, pristine streets,…


Chrysanthemum Collection

Hi friends!  Today I´d like to talk about my last personal work, where I have used as the main character the chrysanthemum flower I drew in watercolor a few days ago which work process was explained in my last post. I don´t know about you, but though I have my mobile phone all the time…

Mis ilustraciones ya se encuentran en muchos productos!!

Presentación de mi nueva tienda en Society6, donde se pueden encontrar ya mis ilustraciones en numerosos productos.

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